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PLANB has been providing Public Relations, Public Affairs and marketing tools, and management and consulting services since 2008. Our priority is to devise and manage tailor-made solutions that correspond to the ideas of our partners. We know that to implement good ideas you need an open mind, and also unique strategy and planning. Our task is to develop these to make sure our clients can reach their target groups with their message and we can promote our clients’ interests. We devise and manage traditional marketing and PR campaigns, we implement corporate social responsibility and sponsorship management programmes, and we are also involved in maintaining social relations and building business coalitions.


Every person in every community strives to attract attention, to reach the public, and to influence their immediate or wider environment and their ives according to their beliefs and ambitions. The only way to achieve this is to disclose our thoughts, ideas and opinions, to share them with others – to share them with the public. The word “communication” means making something common, sharing information.
The way we communicate and the quality of the tools we use constitute the culture around us. It is the goal of our company and all our colleagues to work in such a way that supports and adds to the culture around us.


At PLANB we are proud to have worked with the most prominent Hungarian and international companies.
Our mission to support our clients with the help of NGOs and government operators that strive to solve major social problems is one of our priorities. We work together to implement corporate social responsibility programmes, campaigns that create cultural values and fundraising events.


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